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Winter Energy Savings

December 02, 2013
moneyEnergy consumption is a year round concern. Depending on where you live the summer months can be the most expensive time of the year, but for many the winter months are just as expensive if not more so. Energy, whether we’re thinking of heat or cold, travels from one area to another via the same methods: conductive, convective and radiant. Standard insulations are formulated to combat the two most common, convective and conductive, but they are ineffective at blocking radiant.
The easiest way to understand radiant energy is to think of something hot like a fire. The heat radiates out from the source. You don’t have to touch the fire (conductive) or put your hand over the fire (convective) to feel that heat.
That’s why radiant efficient insulations were developed to block that third way in which heat/cold energy travels. They are meant to be installed along with standard insulations. A layer of radiant reflective material is installed on the underside of your roof and another layer is installed over your standard insulation on the floor of your attic space. This layer is what helps to keep the heat you are paying for where it belongs, in your home.
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