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What to do with that space under your deck

July 22, 2013

There are many uses for the area under your deck. I think the best use is to create an outdoor living space. Think of it as a room with no air conditioning. Put in a TV, couch and some chairs for an outdoor living room. Maybe get a nice dining set for an alternate dining area. Add some finishing touches like artwork and lighting. Now you are all set to enjoy that outdoor space. That is until a sudden rain shower soaks your dinner party. So what can you do?
Put in an under deck ceiling like Ultimate Underdeck. It is a ceiling attached to the underside of your deck that is designed to catch and divert the rain into gutters that then drain the water away like a roofs gutter system. With that area under your deck dry, regardless of the weather, you greatly increase your options. You can now use it worry free, decorate with items not normally used outside and most importantly you can use that space for a much greater portion of the year.

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K-Designers Ultimate Underdeck
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