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UV Light Can Damage Your Property

July 15, 2013
Most people enjoy a little sun. It can be beneficial as it stimulates the production of vitamin B in our body. But UV light is damaging not only to our skin but to our possessions. I’m sure we’ve all seen carpet or furniture that sits near a window fade over time. The UV light from the sun degrades the dyes that give them their color.
So what can you do? Board up your windows? No, that would be silly. You could use window coverings. (curtains, shades, blinds) They block the UV light but they also block all or at least the majority of the light to do so. While effective you probably don’t want to keep your window coverings closed all the time. So this may not be the solution for you. Coverings are also susceptible to the UV light damage that you are looking to avoid. I’ve actually seen sunlight turn a set of curtains so fragile they tore like tissue paper.
Perhaps the best way to block UV light from entering your home via your windows is to purchase windows that have glass specifically formulated to filter UV light. No need to worry about closing the curtains by 10AM so the sun doesn’t discolor your favorite chair. As an added advantage windows formulated to filter UV light are generally engineered to enhance the energy efficiency of the windows.
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