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Summer Sun

May 15, 2013
Temperatures are on the rise and summer is around the corner. Remember last year when you were spending time out on the patio and the sun was just a little too intense. This year you intend to do something about it. You could get an umbrella but they are such a pain. The wind knocks them around and you are constantly having to chase the shade they provide as the sun moves.
This summer why not get a nice permanent shade structure for your patio. K-Designers offers a patio cover system called America’s Dream Koolshade. It provides 100% coverage via solid panels or a variable coverage via beams that can be placed as close or as far apart as you choose. Panels and beams can be combined in any way you like. This gives you complete control over how much or little shade your patio gets. Depending on how you configure the coverage you can extend the seasons in which you can enjoy your patio.
Let us help you enjoy your outdoor space this summer. Give K-Designers a Call 800-728-3902 or visit us at to request your free quote.

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