Winter Energy Savings

December 02, 2013
moneyEnergy consumption is a year round concern. Depending on where you live the summer months can be the most expensive time of the year, but for many the winter months are just as expensive if not more so. Energy, whether we’re thinking of heat or cold, travels from one area to another via the same methods: conductive, convective and radiant. Standard insulations are formulated to combat the two most common, convective and conductive, but they are ineffective at blocking radiant.
The easiest way to understand radiant energy is to think of something hot like a fire. The heat radiates out from the source. You don’t have to touch the fire (conductive) or put your hand over the fire (convective) to feel that heat.
That’s why radiant efficient insulations were developed to block that third way in which heat/cold energy travels. They are meant to be installed along with standard insulations. A layer of radiant reflective material is installed on the underside of your roof and another layer is installed over your standard insulation on the floor of your attic space. This layer is what helps to keep the heat you are paying for where it belongs, in your home.
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Energy and your home

October 11, 2013
Energy ConsumptionI imagine that many look at their bank account at the end of the month and wonder where all your money went. Utility bills can take a huge bite out of your budget. The older your home, the more you will spend. Homes built between 2000 and 2005 used 14% less energy per square foot than homes built in the 1980s and 40% less energy per square foot than homes built before 1950.
Improvements in manufacturing, not only of your home, but in the products that go in it have kept energy consumption per square foot about even for the last 30 years. That’s not to say that your average home owner is spending less money. The cost of Energy, like everything else, has risen over time. Add to that the fact that newer homes have grown larger over that same period. It’s easy to see why your energy bill continues to rise.
Updating certain areas of your home to a more modern and efficient product will benefit you greatly.  If you look at the chart, from the Department of Energy, you can see that keeping your home a comfortable temperature in winter and summer represents 54% of your energy bill. So any changes you make to your home that helps to keep the temperature at a desirable level will result in a measurable savings.
Most builders don’t go beyond the standard insulation. Consider adding a radiant energy reflecting layer in your attic. In the summer radiant heat represents 93% of the heat energy entering your home via the attic, and in the winter it represents 50% of your heat loss through your ceiling. Esheild 11000 will reflect up to 97% of the radiant heat energy striking it.
Replacing your existing windows with a modern more energy efficient model is another way to save. Window technology has come a long way. Modern windows offer several energy saving features: Multiple panes of glass, inert gas sandwiched between the panes, better insulated frames, reflective and filtering film on the exterior. All these decrease energy loss or gain through the window. As an alternative or in addition to your normal windows you could get storm windows. They add another level of insulation and install on the exterior or interior of your existing windows. Normally they are put up during the winter months and taken down and stored for the rest of the year.
Insulated Siding
Siding isn’t something you will probably install on it’s own for the energy savings but if you are considering a change to your homes exterior you can’t go wrong getting insulated siding. You get a bump in the walls insulation rating and your home’s appearance will be enhanced.
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What is a storm Door?

August 26, 2013
Storm DoorIf you are like me you may not be familiar with storm doors. Maybe the homes you have lived in didn’t have storm doors, or it could simply be you never called them by that name. So what is a storm door?
Storm doors are installed on the outside of your home’s entry door. They are typically made of metal, vinyl or wood. Usually a portion of the door (full or half) is an open area. This open area is designed to be filled with glass or screen material. The materials can be fixed but are usually made to be interchangeable so the owner can swap between glass or screen material as they wish throughout the year.
Storm doors serve a few different functions. With the glass insert installed they protect your entry door from the harsh weather. They also act as another level of insulation to your home. In more pleasant weather the glass can be switched for screens allowing you to leave your entry door open increasing ventilation while still keeping out the insects. They also provide an added level of security, especially when leaving your exterior door open for increased airflow, or when answering your door.
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What to do with that space under your deck

July 22, 2013

There are many uses for the area under your deck. I think the best use is to create an outdoor living space. Think of it as a room with no air conditioning. Put in a TV, couch and some chairs for an outdoor living room. Maybe get a nice dining set for an alternate dining area. Add some finishing touches like artwork and lighting. Now you are all set to enjoy that outdoor space. That is until a sudden rain shower soaks your dinner party. So what can you do?
Put in an under deck ceiling like Ultimate Underdeck. It is a ceiling attached to the underside of your deck that is designed to catch and divert the rain into gutters that then drain the water away like a roofs gutter system. With that area under your deck dry, regardless of the weather, you greatly increase your options. You can now use it worry free, decorate with items not normally used outside and most importantly you can use that space for a much greater portion of the year.

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K-Designers Ultimate Underdeck
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UV Light Can Damage Your Property

July 15, 2013
Most people enjoy a little sun. It can be beneficial as it stimulates the production of vitamin B in our body. But UV light is damaging not only to our skin but to our possessions. I’m sure we’ve all seen carpet or furniture that sits near a window fade over time. The UV light from the sun degrades the dyes that give them their color.
So what can you do? Board up your windows? No, that would be silly. You could use window coverings. (curtains, shades, blinds) They block the UV light but they also block all or at least the majority of the light to do so. While effective you probably don’t want to keep your window coverings closed all the time. So this may not be the solution for you. Coverings are also susceptible to the UV light damage that you are looking to avoid. I’ve actually seen sunlight turn a set of curtains so fragile they tore like tissue paper.
Perhaps the best way to block UV light from entering your home via your windows is to purchase windows that have glass specifically formulated to filter UV light. No need to worry about closing the curtains by 10AM so the sun doesn’t discolor your favorite chair. As an added advantage windows formulated to filter UV light are generally engineered to enhance the energy efficiency of the windows.
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Improve your curb appeal with a new entry door

June 24, 2013
When considering new projects to give your home a new look many forget about their front door. It’s the most important visual element your guests see just before entering your home. It makes an impression. Be certain it is a good one. A quick and easy change would be a coat of paint. But for a truly memorable door you might want to look into replacing the door entirely.
There are three main categories of options to consider when looking at doors. What materials you want the door made of, what style or look the door will have(see the image for just some of the options) and the finish. In addition to these consider that a door can have matching side windows (usually referred to as sidelights) that enhance the entry area and add natural light.
Keep your budget in mind and always buy quality.
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Summer Sun

May 15, 2013
Temperatures are on the rise and summer is around the corner. Remember last year when you were spending time out on the patio and the sun was just a little too intense. This year you intend to do something about it. You could get an umbrella but they are such a pain. The wind knocks them around and you are constantly having to chase the shade they provide as the sun moves.
This summer why not get a nice permanent shade structure for your patio. K-Designers offers a patio cover system called America’s Dream Koolshade. It provides 100% coverage via solid panels or a variable coverage via beams that can be placed as close or as far apart as you choose. Panels and beams can be combined in any way you like. This gives you complete control over how much or little shade your patio gets. Depending on how you configure the coverage you can extend the seasons in which you can enjoy your patio.
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Vinyl siding is a “green” option

May 09, 2013
I imagine most would question that vinyl siding could be "Green". But in a recent report issued by the Vinyl Siding Institute they found that vinyl siding demonstrates excellent environmental performance over the lifetime of the product. The lifetime of the product starts with the materials the item is created from all the way through to it’s final disposal.

When you look at the environmental performance (figure 1) and compare it with cost (figure 2) you can see that choosing vinyl siding is good for the environment and can save you money. The whole report can be found here.

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April 17, 2013
K-Designers Leaf ReliefThe trees are all green with new leaves. Summer is coming and those trees in your yard are going to be a blessing. When fall comes around you might not feel so blessed. I suppose raking the leaves isn’t so bad. But don’t forget to clean out your gutters. It’s not a pleasant task but a necessary one. If you don’t clean out your gutter they will overflow and standing water can lead to leaks. Erosion is an obvious consequence but even more serious would be mold and mildew if the overflow or leak is in the right spot.
Why not avoid all that extra work and worry. Have K-Designers install a gutter guard system like Leaf Relief®. It allows the rain to drain through its perforated surface while keeping debris out. In addition to making your life easier it’s sure to add to your home’s resale value.

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K-Designers commitment to quality

April 03, 2013
K-Designers is the country’s No.1 siding company who also specializes in home remodeling and improvement. With a presence in more than 15 states being a home improvement leader, K-Designers would not be able to succeed in this business if not for its commitment to Quality in every aspect of their work. Many remodelers are saying that they work hard to provide quality and satisfaction for their clients, yet only a few truly work on these words and barely stay in this business.
In K-Designers, quality and customer satisfaction is measured and monitored as part of its commitment for continual improvement. With a strong program for customer satisfaction as part of the discipline required by a Total Quality Management program and mindset that guides their business and the way they deal with their customers – a philosophy that has been present in this company since the beginning.